SE VCH - Inlicios Hot and Cold "Indy"

the year in review



The last year was atracking year for Indy. I started tracking with him when he was 15 weeks old. After 9 months, he was so good on the track that I entered him in his first trackingexam (Anlagsklass). He completed the track with flying colors, as if he hadalways trained on it. I was so encouraged that only 4 months later, I enteredhim in 3 tracking exams. His work style was amazing for such a young dog and wereceived 3 first prizes in a row. Indy was Swedish Tracking Champion when hewas just one year one month old!


We also went to some shows with DRC CAC, and he got 3 excellentscores (or notes) and 2 very goods. It was very easy to show him in the ring.He always greeted the judge with a kiss, and walked very nicely in the circle.He is a light toller type, less heavy, and with a smaller head than a typical young toller boy.  I'm very happy with hisdevelopment, which is perfect for a working dog: he is quick and fast andtypically has long endurance.


The next year we will try to compete in his first real huntingexams in Germany (JP/R), and in Sweden (Tolling). I am very curious about allthe new things I will learn about him in the meantime.



Indy is Mika's son. He is still 5 months old but he impresses me every day. He is very selfconfident and comfortable with all surroundings no matter if there are foreign people with strange clothes, new noises, other dogs or new places. Everywhere he settles in very fast. 


It's seems for me that he thinks there is nothing to be scared or agitated of because everything will be fine. On the other hand he is very keen in working. We started with free search, whistle training, heelwork, lining etc. He is concentrated and quiet all the time. Even when Mika is working and Indy has to wait. In my opinion that's amazing for such a young dog.


Indy moved in with us when he was 15 weeks old because of the new rabies law in the EU. Johanna, her family and her dogs socialized him really well and I cannot give them enough thanks for their excellent work.


Johanna, Indy couldn't find a better place to start his life than your house. Thanks for all!