SE VCH - Inlicios Hot and Cold - "Indy"

Übersicht / Overview

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01.10.2016 IRA Rostock youth class

very good, ranked 2.

23.07.2016 DRC SRA Hoisdorf youth class

Excellent, ranked 1., DRC CAC

10.07.2016 DRC SRA Bremen Stuhr youth class

Excellent, ranked 2., res. DRC CAC

05.06.2016 VDH Neumünster youth class

very good, ranked 3.

30.04.2016 DRC SRA Diedersdorf youth class

Excellent, ranked 2.

Richterberichte / Judge Reports

23.07.2016 Hoisdorf

Richter: Mrs. Connie S. Petersen (DK)


1 year, good head + expression, correct bite, nice ear set, a little short neck, correct topline, good bone and feet, well angulated front and back, good coat, good tail + tailset, good mover, good temperament


V1, 1. Platz, DRC CAC


Excellent, ranked 1, DRC CAC

10.07.2016 Bremen Stuhr

Richter: Mr.  Peter King (AU)


1 year old male, fine, young head, still to mature, dark eye, scissor bite, good shoulder angulation, moderate sprung of the rips, tail set well, confident tail carriage, profuse coat, good markings on feet, white tail tip, happy, allert disposition, good ground coverage, needs time.


V2, 2. Platz, res. DRC CAC


Excellent, ranked 2, reserve DRC CAC

30.04.2016 Diedersdorf

Richter: Bertil Lundgren (SE)


Nine months. Very well balanced. Good proportions. Enough musculine head with good stop. Good neck and shoulder. Good angulation. Well bodied for age. Very typical mover. Good bone, coat and color. Good markings.


V1, 2. Platz


Excellent, ranked 2